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Buxus sinica 'Tide Hill'
(Tide Hill Korean Boxwood)

Botanical Name:
Buxus sinica 'Tide Hill'

Common Name:
Tide Hill Korean Boxwood

Plant Hardiness: Zone 5

Flower: Small and not showy except for their fragrance.

Bloom Time: Early spring

Foliage: Small evergreen leaves are light green and hold their color well during the winter.


Habit: Low growing, spreading evergreen shrub that is densely branched.

Size: 15 inches tall with a spread around 5 feet.

Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade.

Native Habitat: Asia

Other Features: Responds very well to shearing.

Description: Buxus sinica ‘Koreana’ (Korean Boxwood) is quite a bit more hardy than most of the forms of Common Box (Buxus sempervirens). We tried growing Korean Box years ago when we first started the nursery. Growing it was no problem; however, most forms have a totally undesirable brown color to the foliage during the winter. In early spring when we were shipping plants, they looked either dead or on their way out. As the weather warms, these leaves turn green again, but they are certainly undesirable during most of the spring selling season. Tom Dilatush gave me a few plants of ‘Tide Hill’ some years ago; and after having them in our garden for a number of years, I find that he was correct when he said they will stay green all winter. ‘Tide Hill’ is, therefore, a hardy, low-growing form of boxwood that will stay green throughout the winter. Also, it seems to like being grown in containers which is not true of many of the Buxus sempervirens varieties. Dirr states that a 20 year old plant of ‘Tide Hill’ will be about 15 inches tall and 5 feet wide. Of course, boxwood takes very well to shearing so it could be easily kept in bounds if a smaller plant is desired. This is a really good one that you should try.



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