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Corylopsis spicata
(Spike Winterhazel)

Botanical Name:
Corylopsis spicata

Common Name:
Spike Winterhazel

Plant Hardiness: Zone 5

Flower: The yellow flowers hang on 2 inch racemes that are very showy in April. The flowers open before the leaves and are slightly fragrant.

Bloom Time: Early to mid April.

Foliage: The leaves open with a purple tinge before turning blue-green. Fall color is variable with yellows that are not always that showy.

Fruit: A dry capsule that is inconspicuous.

Habit: Very upright growing when young with numerous stems. The habit widens with age creating a mounding appearance.

Size: May reach 8 feet with an equal spread.

Sun Exposure: Full sun to part sun.

Native Habitat: Japan

Other Features:

Description: Although we have been growing Corylopsis pauciflora, Buttercup Winterhazel, for several years, we have also added to our list C. spicata - Spike Winterhazel. This is a more upright open shrub with larger flowers; racemes that are approximately 2 inches long, of pale yellow flowers very early in the spring. This shrub might reach 8 feet in height and probably the same width. The foliage is good clean foliage similar to that of a witchhazel, but, itís the yellow flower racemes nodding very early in the spring wind that make this shrub valuable for the shrub border. C. spicata is a bit more hardy than the other, being listed as a Zone 5 plant, whereas C. pauciflora is listed only to Zone 6. Corylopsis are good plants to feature in the garden center very early in the spring - they are plants that will draw early customers to your sales yard.



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